Linville Falls

North Carolina is blessed with many beautiful sceneries…from mountains, beaches, falls, lighthouses and historical sights to name a few. On our trip to Grandfather Mountain, we decided to make a side trip to Linville Falls. At first, I thought, the falls will be a few steps from where we parked. Was I in for  a…

Oh Deer

It’s always been a dream of mine to capture deer up close while in the wild or in their natural habitat. I am so thrilled I finally had that chance!


I am having a hard time writing a well thought of blog lately. Maybe in a few days, It’ll be easier for me to express my thoughts and feelings. So for now, I am letting my photos do the talking. Hope you enjoy!

Tunnel of Love

“People believe I Am what they see Me as, rather than what they do no not see. But I Am the Great unseen, not what I cause myself to be in any particular moment. In a sense, I am what I am not. It is from the Am-notness that I come, and to it I…

Mountain Trip

If budget and time will allow it, we would explore a lot of places. Places that not only boasts of stories waiting to be told but mostly places that touch the soul. I always find peace exploring and admiring God’s magnificent creation. It reminds me of how powerful our God is and how little our…