Meet Shaggy. He was surrendered to the shelter for no reason. A friend and a neighbor happened to be there at the right time. He’s skinny and dehydrated. Our friend knows that we were looking for a new member to add to our family after our boxer, Bullet, passed away. She brought Shaggy to us and he felt right at home and we fell in love! He’s not only good looking but also the sweetest! He may not like the idea of him being the most photographed dog around but…he will.




shaggy5.JPGWe are currently fostering him but planning to keep him for good. Who can resist such a well behaved, good looking and sweet fellow.

If you are looking to foster or adopt a dog, I know of a great rescue group called Spirit Canine Rescue. They are also accepting all the help and donations that they can get. Please check them out!






Welcome to our family Shaggy! Thanks for already bringing such sweetness and love to us!


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